Medicare for Podiatry

Bluey Mobile Podiatry treats patients that have been referred to us by their GP under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Chronic Disease Management (CDM) referral. These schemes entitle patients to a medicare rebate of $55.10 per treatment for up to 5 visits per calendar year. 

We strive to make booking your home visit Podiatry visit as simple and efficient as possible. We’ll work around your schedule to find an appointment time which suits you.

Medicare reabte home visit podiatry

How do I get the Medicare Rebate for a Podiatry Visit?

Unfortunately, getting a Medicare Rebate for a home visit podiatry service isn’t as easy as it should be! We want to assist you in any way we can to help you get the expert treatment you need. If you have absolutely any questions, please call our friendly team via the Contact Us page.

To get a Medicare Rebate, your GP needs to determine if you meet the criteria to receive one. The rebate is accessed under the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Program, otherwise known as a Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Team Care Arrangement (TCA) referral.

How many visits will the Medicare Rebate cover?

The Medicare CDM referral program allows patients to receive a total of five rebated consults , spread across a range of allied health services such as Podiatry, physiotherapy, speech pathology etc.

The number of rebatable consults is reset each year, but you will need to obtain a new referral from your GP for each year. This referral can be issued any time of the year, but only five total visits are able to be claimed each year.

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What Can We Treat?

Our Podiatrists are highly qualified health professionals who have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of clinical cases. We provide clinical level Podiatric care for those who might otherwise find it difficult to attend an external clinic. Our services are particularly beneficial to the elderly and disabled but are also loved by many busy parents, professionals and anyone with limited time or transportation capabilities.

Bluey Mobile Podiatry can provide the same clinical level services as a traditional Podiatry clinic in the comfort of home.

 Here are some common conditions we treat – Just click the link to find out more!

Eligibility for Medicare

To be eligible to receive the rebate through Medicare you need a referral, to Bluey Mobile Podiatry from your GP.  The plan is made to assist patients who have a chronic injury, or health condition that is not being managed effectively.

To qualify for the EPC referral you must have a chronic medical condition that has been present for a period of time, and is not being managed well in it’s current state.

Chronic health conditions include:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Mental Health Illness
  • Heel Pain

If you suffer from any of these conditions, please discuss your eligibility to receive an EPC referral with your doctor.

Melbourne Mobile Podiatry is a home visit based Podiatry service. Our experienced and friendly staff will bring all the equipment from the clinic to the comfort of your home. 

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