NDIS Podiatry

Bluey Mobile Podiatry is a regular provider of Podiatry services to NDIS participants who are on a Self Managed Plan or who have a Care Plan Manager.

We strive to make the process of receiving Podiatric care through the NDIS as seamless and efficient as possible. A high level of availability is maintained to ensure that NDIS participants are treated as soon as possible.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Very soon!

We pride ourselves on providing prompt scheduling of appointments to help NDIS participants get back to feeling 100%, fast! Same week, if not same day, appointments may be available. Get in touch with us today to find out when the next available Mobile Podiatry appointment is available.

What type of funded support is Mobile Podiatry?

Mobile Podiatry is classified as a Therapeutic Support.

I'm a Self Managed NDIS participant - Can I access Mobile Podiatry?

Yes – we routinely assist Self Managed NDIS participants to achieve optimum foot health. If you are a Self Managed NDIS participant, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can best help you.

I'm a Plan Managed NDIS participant - Can I access Mobile Podiatry?

Yes – we routinely visit Plan Managed NDIS participants to help provide exceptional Podiatry services. If you are a Support Coordinator looking to find a Mobile Podiatrist to assist your NDIS participant, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can best work together to achieve the best outcome for your NDIS participants.

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How can Bluey Mobile Podiatry help NDIS participants?

As a proud supporter of Self Managed and Plan Managed NDIS participants, our team will endeavour to ensure participants get the Podiatry services that they require. 

With many participants having difficulty leaving their home, it is extremely important that this doesn’t limit their access to vital services such as Podiatry. We bring the premium clinical experience to your home, ensuring that the level of care provided is at the highest level.

Here is just some of the things we can help NDIS participants out with:

What Can We Treat?

Our Podiatrists are highly qualified health professionals who have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of clinical cases.

We provide clinical level Podiatric care for those who might otherwise find it difficult to attend an external clinic. Our services are particularly beneficial to the elderly and disabled but are also loved by many busy parents, professionals and anyone with limited time or transportation capabilities.

Bluey Mobile Podiatry can provide the same clinical level services as a traditional Podiatry clinic in the comfort of home. Conditions we commonly treat include:

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Bluey Mobile Podiatry is currently only able to see Self or Plan managed Participants. If you're usnure if the participant is NDIA/Agency managed, please call 1800 941 223 to discuss prior to completing form.

Melbourne Mobile Podiatry is a home visit based Podiatry service. Our experienced and friendly staff will bring all the equipment from the clinic to the comfort of your home. 

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